Mendix 10

A new era!

The release of Mendix 10 marks the beginning of a new era in the development of code under. With a focus on accelerating the development of end-to-end, increase the contact points of collaboration, leveraging AI and machine learning, and more, we are making it easier than ever for organizations to turn ideas into results.

Mendix 10.0 offer much in terms of new features, new skins and upgrades of existing tools in which you can dive in right away. Mendix 10 will also bring additional new functions that will be launched in the coming months. If you missed it, you can watch a replay of the launch event of Mendix 10 . The release includes features that will be launched in the coming months, read more about these upcoming features .

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Professional studio

With Mendix 10, we made a lot of improvements in Studio Pro to improve the life of our dear developers!

A new look and feel

Mendix 10 has a completely updated version of the Studio Pro with updated colors for dark and light, which will make it a lot more pleasing to the eye and will make it much easier to work with him. It all seems much more intuitive in this version, and allows you to develop applications more efficiently than ever.

With the update of colours, the dark mode is now also becomes GA, and the theme you can listen to the preferences of your system, which means that if the theme of your machine is configured in dark mode, o Studio Pro you can also open in dark mode directly!

With the update of colours, the dark mode is now also becomes GA, and the theme you can listen to the preferences of your system, which means that if the theme of your machine is configured in dark mode, o Studio Pro you can also open in dark mode directly!

We also update all the icons in Studio Pro to give you a more consistent appearance to the style, which makes it easier to see what it belongs to, providing an experience much cleaner in general.

In addition to that, the updates made in the new properties pane also have become GA, which presents a much better experience for all users that work with Studio Pro day after day. With a general description more clear of the properties you are editing, modeling your application is more efficient than ever before.

Generation of PDF documents (public beta)

We are pleased to announce our new feature of the generation of PDF documents. You can now easily generate PDF documents with pixel-perfect based on normal pages of your application. You can make use of the capabilities of the editor of the entire page, including all the widgets, dynamic data, snippets, templates, text, visibility-based conditional expressions, dynamic classes, etc

The public beta version of the module for generation of PDF documents is now available for applications Mendix 10 and Mendix 9.18+ running in the Mendix Cloud. I give it a try!

Kit of machine learning (GA)

With the rise of ChatGPT, everyone talks about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world. While the low-code is revolutionising “how to” build the applications, the AI is actually revolutionizing “what” type of applications you can build. With this launch, the new capability of the platform Mendix called Mendix ML Kit is activated in the general availability (GA) in order to allow the integration of a model of machine learning (ML) code under the applications of Mendix.

ML Kit allows developers of Mendix to implement a model of ML, created using a framework and language of ML common, at the time of execution of Mendix Studio Pro with little code. The kit ML allows for a quicker time to market, easier integration and superior performance, with less effort and cost to integrate models ML in applications Mendix. You can read more about how to use the kit ML in the documentation of Mendix .

Bot best practices

In Mendix 10, we have changed the name of Performance Bot-to-Bot of best practices of Mendix" general and we will extend it with other kinds of best practices (for example, security). The Best Practice Bot will help developers to inspect the model of your application according to the best practices of development of Mendix, detect patterns and to guide them on how to resolve them. Best Practice Bot is created using statistical analysis of thousands of apps anonymous Mendix to learn about anti-patterns are common, in addition to using the best practices of Mendix Expert Services in the development of microflujos, domain models, pages, security, etc., With the next releases, we will continue to add new best practices, so stay tuned! You can read more about how to use Best Practice Bot in the documentation of Mendix .

Start from the worksheet

Most of us have a relationship of love/hate with spreadsheets. These documents are incredibly easy to create and can help us to structure thoughts that are relevant and applicable data in a simple way. Beyond that, things can get complicated. To maintain the integrity of the data and the control of versions is a challenge with the static spreadsheets, especially with remote staff.

With Mendix, teams can update processes caught in Excel and avoid the many disadvantages of the processes implemented in spreadsheets. No more chaos of versions of spreadsheets. Instead, you are creating an experience optimized and differentiated to all the people involved that help to make the work much more easily.

We have added the function ‘Application from spreadsheet’ to Mendix Studio Pro. To convert a spreadsheet into an application is as easy as drag and drop. Seriously.

The wizard Application from spreadsheet" will analyze your spreadsheet and determine the types of data and the associations between tables. On this basis, a Studio Pro generates your domain model, and packages the data from your table spreadsheet as a data snapshot. This ensures that you will have your own data available when you run the application the first time.

After the conversion, you will have a fully functional app, which can be extended with functions that go beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets, such as support for workflows, processes, integrations, pages panel and a custom user experience of the best possible way. The wizard application of spreadsheet is already available in the Mendix 9.24 and Mendix 10.

Improvements in the construction of the user interface

URL of pages friendly

The URL of the pages received a major overhaul in order to have more control over the URL, which allows you to easily create URLS of web pages of easy-to-use support multiple parameters. You can specify the format of the URL and add placeholders for the parameters. It is even possible to use different attributes to the Idde the URL. The variables are automatically retrieved from the database in the role of an XPath query is generated, as you can see in the screenshot.

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